Solution to concept client and transport operators

Representing direct clients and carriers

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Credit Analyses

We conduct clients reliability inspection


We organise negotiations and prepare the contract signing documents

Daily operations

We can organise daily operations, offer disposition services and provide an overview of anything of interest


We will assist you in resolving any running issues


We will represent you in any and all negotiations in the course of our cooperation.


Direct payments from the client

Our market survey is based on the exact requirements of your company, taking into account the countries in which you wish to work, your vision of the monthly rate of return, the expected deadlines, prices, etc.

Our agents will represent your company upon creating client contacts and entering into contracts. Also if any issues should occur.

We can represent you for your clients and help you find reliable direct clients. There is no need for any intermediaries and the risks related to them.

Transadvise credit analyses inspect the reliability of clients on your behalf. If required, we can help with disposition. If the language barrier appears to be an issue, we can help you –we speak English, German and Russian.

We can provide recommendations for daily work on round-trips and for saving on expenses.

We advise for

Credit rating control

Fuel cards and road taxes

Trailer rental

Truck service


Ferry tickets


Discussion of contracts

Juridical support


Our specialists

Have worked in the logistics sector for nearly 20 years. TransAdvise has over 70,000 partners in the transport sector. The company has an extensive overview of everything taking place in this market sector.

We have assisted dozens of transport companies with finding the best solutions to organise their work operations and acquire new clients. Our satisfied clients have found reliable clients and/or partners for long-term cooperation relationships.

Our agents

Our agents and partner-companies are located strategically all over the Europe in order to connect clients and transport operators.

TransAdvise agents are
represented in:









Our partner-companies
located in:










The cost depends on the type of cooperation. We offer the following basic package:

1. Direct Dispo

Ask for an offer

per month per truck

We represent your company when conducting negotiations with client(s) and determining the details of cooperation.

We conduct credit analyses to inspect the reliability of clients.

We conduct negotiations and organise the signing of the final contract.

We will assist you in resolving any running issues.

We will represent you in any and all negotiations in the course of our cooperation.

2. TransAdvise
Dispo package

Ask for an offer

per month per truck or

three cents per kilometre.

Our logistics personnel will communicate with the client on a daily basis and organise the work for your truck by directly communicating with either the driver or your office staff in English, German or Russian.

Our logistics staff will provide you with a daily overview of everything related to work and any and all accepted
orders on this end, you will have access to our table of orders and mileage.

Let's create success to your
transport company together.